Docker version

NEW 2022 UPDATE: Check out the Docker version of Copycat, which I made to mitigate the various compatibility issues:

Downloadable, standalone versions

New version 2 exclusively supports AxParafit and AxPcoords. Both are highly optimized versions of Pierre Legendre’s Parafit and DistPCoA programs:

Please note the following pre-installation requirements:

  1. These installers do not contain a Java RunTime Environment (JRE). Please make sure that you have one installed (note: Copycat might fail to start on Java versions > Java 8; I will look into this though).
  2. The Mac version additionally requires the GNU scientific library (GSL) installed. A binary installer can be found either here (link not available anymore) or here as a mirror.

Original supplementary material as provided in Meier-Kolthoff et al. (2007):

Older versions:

The old website is still online, so feel free to download previous versions from there.

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