Question: Copycat appears to be not responding anymore (a.k.a. “freeze”). What could be the reason for this?

Answer: Some of Copycat’s functions require at least 2GB of memory. If you are using the Windows version you can increase the amount of memory Copycat is allowed to use by editing the Copycat.bat file. There you can change the number in the parameter “-Xmx2048M” from 2048M (=2 GB of memory) to 3072M (=3 GB of memory). If you’re using the Linux version you can find this value in Copycat.sh and proceed accordingly.

Under OS X this setting is rather hidden but can be easily accessed as follows:

  1. Navigate to your applications folder in Finder
  2. Right-click on the Copycat app and choose “Show package contents”
  3. Afterwards, open the folders “contents” and “MacOS”
  4. Now you should see a file called plist.info
  5. Open this file with the program “Textedit”
  6. Search for the line that contains “-Xmx2048M” and change the memory value as described above. Save the file, close it and restart Copycat

Question: The name of the software – Copycat – sounds really funny. Does it have a real meaning?

Answer: Oh yes, it has! There are even two reasons for this name; (i) the word “Copycat” consists of the most prominent letters contained in “Cophylogenetic Analysis Tool” and (ii) refers to all those little and big organisms out there that are mimicking or adapting to creatures in their habitat. The latter is one important key to cophylogeny.

Question: What operating system should I have in order to use Copycat?

Answer: The latest version of Copycat is tested on Microsoft Windows (XP and 7), Ubuntu 10.04 and MacOS X (Snow Leopard)

Question: Are you providing any sort of guarantee or responsibility for any kind of damage being caused by the Copycat software?

Answer: No. Although Copycat is properly tested on several different machines and operating systems, the software is provided “as is”. Thus we don’t take any responsibility for damage caused to your hard- or software. However, reporting bugs as well as suggestions for improvements are always very welcome!

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